Shouting LOVE at the World

I am....


...18 years old

...a gooner Indonesian (if you know what or where Indonesia is, you should be proud of yourself)

...currently studying Mechanical Engineering in Southampton, UK

...not Chinese, so don't shout 'Ni hao!' to me. Nor am I Japanese or Korean, etc. (not that I'm against them or anything. Just don't like being thought as something I'm not) corny and cheesy I quote lyrics from Take That's song to be my blog's title love with Laurent Koscielny, so much it's unhealthy

...posting mainly about Arsenal and/or football in general with some others slipped between

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Friend or foe, Per hug is for everyone.

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Arsenal Remembers: Hillsborough 96

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imagine an argument between zlatan and kanye about who loves themself more

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these muslim guys at uni always lower their gaze when they walk past a hijabi and today my friend was going past one of them but because shes so short he just looked extra up bless him

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